Local Food Round Customers - Your Privacy

We understand that it’s important to protect your personal information of our customers. It is important that we set out the legal basis for reasons that we hold personal data and any policies regarding that data. The detail around this needs to be explained in depth which we have done via a privacy notice, a legal requirement under the new GDPR regulations. In addition we saw fit to summarise this to give you a simple, accessible overview.

Who and Why?

We keep information about the customers of our local food round.in order to process orders for produce and coordinate delivery of produce and managing payments, and any necessary communications required to maintain a satisfactory level of customer service.


Name, email address, postal address and phone number.


Data is stored in our secure management system that is hosted by system provider 'boxmaster'. The Apricot Centre CIC are called the 'Data Controller' of this information and are responsible for it. Various partner systems are employed to manage payments which are explained in our privacy notice.


This data will be retained by our system while you are still are customer. It is held or a period of one year after you inform us you no longer want to receive out services, or for as such time is necessary to resolve any issues regarding outstanding balances you might have. Data is held for this period in case there are queries about past transactions that require reviewing the history. In addition you have the right to ask us to remove your information from our systems which we are committed to do in a reasonable time frame.


Information is collected from your own registration and operation for of your online account or by you communicating your information to us by other means (e.g. email, text, whatsapp, facebook, in person) and entered by The Apricot Centre onto the system.

Staying in touch: Whilst we can communicate with you to tell you about changes to our offerings, we no longer have a legal basis for subscribing you to our mailing list for news and updates about our business just because you are a customer of our local food round. You can opt-in to our mailing list using this form.

You can view our Service Users for Farm Produce and Education  Privacy Notice  here