Training Courses

We have been running training course on permaculture, biodynamics and agroforestry  for more than 20 years. WE mix theoretical, interactive training with the wonderful set of practical resources  we have at Huxhams Cross Farm  so you can see what these systems look like. We use a team of trainers reflecting the huge amount of expertise in the area.


  • Permaculture  Design Course over 12 days, ( 6 weekends) focusing on Farm scale Permaculture and growing techniques. (pdf)
  • Introduction to Biodynamic Farming and Growing over 4 days ( 2 weekends) focusing on the principles and practices of Biodynamic systems. (pdf)
  • Agroforestry and how to use it on a farm scale with working examples of many systems in and around the Dartington Hall Estate. (pdf)

Permaculture Diploma apprenticeship; Marina O'Connell is a tutor for the Permaculture Diploma, if you would like to sign up as her apprentice please contact her directly and to understand the Permaculture Diploma system please see the Permaculture Association website.

Biodynamic Apprentices; we are planning to take on 1-2 apprentices please contact ... to find out more about this process.