The Apricot Centre Local Food Round FAQ

Q. What is the local food round?

→ The local food round brings together high quality nutritious vegetables, fruit and other produce, grown as much as possible from local small scale producers, and delivers to your door or to local food hubs near you. Q. How do I order? → To order a box, email or call / text 07507841158 for enquiries.

Q. How much does it cost?

→ These are the prices of the veg bags

  • Small: £9.50 1-2 people
  • Standard: £12.00 2-3 people
  • Medium: £15.00 3-5 people
  • Large: £17..50 (for those who really like a lot of veg!)

Q. What fruit and veg are in the bags?

→ We try to be seasonal and local as far as possible, and mix things up so you don’t get the same veg every week. Recent ‘autumn’ bags had the following: Potatoes, carrots, onions, salad bag (most weeks), Plus: crown prince squash, leeks, curly kale, swede Previous week plus: beetroot, chard, savoy cabbage, purple carrots

→ Larger bag customers get the same veg, and have more of each veg

→ In the fruit box recently we have had apples, pears, bananas, oranges, grapes. Next summer there will be soft fruit from Huxhams Cross Farm, and we are planting apples, plums, damsons etc so that the autumn bags become more local

Q. How do I pay?

→ We would prefer you to either settle your account monthly by bank transfer (we will invoice you a statement), or set up a regular standing order for the relevant amount. If you need to pay cash or cheque, please pay the driver on delivery.

Q. Can I change the bag size?

→ Yes you can move between sizes as your needs or diet changes. Let us know by Thursday for the following weeks delivery

Q. Can I change the bag contents?

→ We will accept substitutions of items if there is veg you really don’t like or can’t eat them. Sometimes this will mean doubling up of other items.

Q. Can I have a bag bi-weekly?