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The Apricot Centre Grand Opening

September 29th 2018 

The Apricot Centre at Huxhams Cross Farm had a marvellous day on Saturday 29th September. We celebrated opening our beautiful new wellbeing and training centre built by the talented Terra Perma as well as celebrating becoming biodynamic certified. The day was filled with laughter, smiles and congratulations as we gathered friends, supporters, customers, shareholders and the local community to celebrate with food and cake made with our produce by the talented Sima at The Kitchen Table, Totnes.  Marina, Mark, Bob and Dave led fantastic farm tours where we saw about 60 people enjoy the beauty that is our farm and learn about how we have, in just three years, created a commercial farm producing some of the tastiest , organic and biodynamic vegetable and fruit as well as developed a wellbeing service focusing on supporting young people  with mental health issues in the local community using the farm as a co-therapist in their healing process.  60 people partied into the night with poetry from Matt Harvey and music from Resounding Earth and The Farwells!   Thank you to all who came, all who helped and our thanks and blessing to the land that made it possible! 



Small Holding Magazine Spring/Summer Edition 2018 

The Apricot Centre at Huxhams Cross Farm features in the current Small Holding Magazine publication.   You can read the full article in the magazine but here is a short extract. Biodynamic farmer, Marina O’Connell, tenants Huxhams Cross Farm on farmland secured by the Biodynamic Land Trust. “We have two Shetland cows, a tough breed that can stay outside all year. Their manure is left on
the fields to support insect and then bird populations. We put the cows on one of our arable fields in the wet winter months to add fertility for the wheat crop that follows, then put our chickens in after the cows to spread the cow manure around, clear up any insects and add their own fertility. Marina O’Connell has observed how the cows bring an extra quality the farm. “In biodynamic terms, they give the farm a ‘soul quality’. Those of us who regularly spend time with cows probably understand this on an intuitive level. We have found them to have great healing power with the children we work with, who like to feed Damson and Daffodil and spend time with them.” - read the full article OUT NOW


Marina O'Connell's Article in Permaculture Magazine Summer Edition 2018 

Marina has written an article in the summer edition of the Permaculture Magazine, it explores how Biodynamic Farming and Permaculture systems are both challenging and complementary to each other.  An extract can be found below...

  "Creating a sustainable farm that produces food, supports wildlife, is low-carbon and resiliant to climate change is not easy.  In my 20 year practice I have used an array of tools and found that permaculture design and biodynamic farming are some of the best tools available especially when working on a larger scale...the two systems converge in part yet challenge each other.  They also offer something new to the other."  

If you want to read more please check out the link above to subscribe to Permaculture Magazine or find stockists in your area.