Important notice - Online Ordering Closed Temporarily - Please Read Carefully

The Apricot Centre is doing everything it can to help deliver local fresh food to the community. We have however now hit the capacity for what we can deliver and therefore will not be able to accept new orders for the time being. We still have a limited number of places available for the following groups:
 - self-isolating WITH symptoms
 - self-isolating due to underlying health problems
 - over 70's who have difficulties accessing shopping
 - key workers (as defined in the government guidelines)

If you fall into one of these groups, you are welcome to create an account and order. Following that please email and let me know so that I can try and put your order as a priority (and I will try to let your order go through) until we have reached our ultimate maximum capacity.

For others, we wil have a waiting list for new orders, so we would encourage you to create an account and order the items that you would like. We will then put these orders on hold and then let you know. We will then reinstate these orders on a first come first served basis as availability arises, and we will inform you that we are ready to deliver to you. We are working to try and increase our capacity but we need to hold out at the current number for the weeks commencing 23rd March and 30th March.

Thank you for your support and understanding

Warmest Wishes, 

The Apricot Centre Team

Digging and Delving

Digging and Delving

Nature- based education and wellbeing workshops for 10-16 year olds


The Apricot Centre is dedicated to improving health and wellbeing of young people whilst encouraging the conservation and promoting of environmental sustainability. We can do this through a range of seasonal nature based workshops.  Our nature-based activities are run on our 34 acre farm where we grow organic vegetables, fruits and herbal plants, keep bees and conserve wildlife habitats.  Our educational and wellbeing workshops are based around the seasons and include activities such as  organic gardening, mindfulness in nature, making herbal products and dyes as well as making produce such as jams and chutneys, healthy eating and cooking, art and craft activities. Each set of workshops runs over 4 weekly evenings and run for two hours with a short break in the middle.  The workshops are based around the season to link the idea of community, land and seasons to the workshops.  Each workshop will be based upon a different theme and will involve working closely with a specialist local community artist or craftsperson.

Spring Workshops

Theme Herbs, Flowers and Fauna

Natural Dying

Using fabrics and local textiles we will be making pots of bubbling dyes using plants harvested from the farm to create your own tie dye shirt, natural batik dye frames and bundle dying.

Folklore and herbs

Learn a little bit about folk legend connected to herbs and flowers whilst making dream pillows and learning the skills of needlework.

Wild Weaving

Using foraged materials learn to weave your own dream catchers or weaving frames- dye the wool and create the willow frames in this calm and peaceful workshop.

Hanging basket edible mini garden

Make your own mini garden to hang in a doorway or from a window – learn about bringing colour and vibrancy whilst being able to grow food in a small space. Working with a local horticulturalist you’ll learn all about companion planting and growing your own edible mini garden

Summer Workshops

Theme - the open fire

Cooking up a summer storm; foraging and cookery - 4 workshops

This set of workshops will teach you how to cook from the land, we will identify and pick the ingredients from the farm and then cook up a storm, either inside or on our outside kitchen and eat the results.

This set of  4 session workshop will have you making one or two food products. We will be working with different techniques each time and preparing products to be shared.

Sample menus include making pasta from scratch, filled with vegetables, elderflower cordial, bread, muffins, fruit ice cream, we might even pluck a pigeon or two. We can cater for vegetarians as well.

Natural Dying 

Harvest some dye plants from the farm and spend a few hours brewing and dying a range of materials and clothes on the outdoor files 

Wood Carving

We will spend two hours around the fire in our woodland grove carving small wooden items from a branch using traditional woodcarving tools.

Autumn Workshops

Theme - Mud and Sticks

Wood Carving

We will spend two hours around the fire in our woodland grove carving small wooden spoons from a branch using traditional woodcarving tools.

Basket weaving in willow and hazel

Make your own willow woven basket using the ancient craft of willow and hazel weaving. You could use your basket to forage from the land.

Make your own wattle and daub sculpture


Winter Workshops

Theme - Yule and Festivities

Pots of potions
Make your own Winter lip balm and salt scrub using plants and herbs from the farm and
natural ingredients – perfect for the harsh cold weather.

Wreath Making
Learn the traditional skill of traditional willow wreath making – forage foliage and berries
from the land and create a yule wreath to proudly hang on your front door and welcome
festivities into your home.

Yule Biodynamic Cooking
Forage and feast during the festive season – dig up the vegetables from the land and
create a scrumptious feast for all to share…with a festive twist.

Winter Sewing
Make your own small yule item using felts and decorative items – learn how to sew
using embroidery techniques. You can create stockings, yule decorations or even
festive brooches.