Design & Consult

  • The Apricot team can help to design your garden, farm or even larger area using Permaculture methodology and years of horticultural and farming experience. We can do this for you, or we can do it with you taking you through the steps of the design one by one. We can do this with a group or on a one to one basis.
  • We offer business planning consultation.
  • We design edible sustainable and biodiverse systems that are resilient, beautiful and productive. Here are some the projects we have worked on in the past.

Verduna Farm (Slovenia)

We worked collaboratively with Chris and Ana Biles to design Verduna Farm, in Slovenia. It now is a productive beautiful farm high in the hills of Slovenia, with a passive house, meditation training centre, natural pool, and wonderful glasshouse and orchards. They offer wonderful walking holidays and meditation retreats.

Willy Lotts House (Flatford Suffolk)

We ran a course with the Field Studies Council to design the back Garden of Willy Lotts house. We worked at two levels ,facilitating the design of the garden whilst teaching the process to the participants. We then installed the garden in further weekends for the Field Study council. You might be very familiar with the front garden of Willy Lotts house but not so familiar with the back garden. I like to imagine Willy sitting there with his pipe of an evening and believe he would feel at home there now.

Huxhams Cross Farm (Dartington, Devon)  and Oakbrook Farm (Stroud, Gloucestershire)

We worked collaboratively with the Biodynamic Land Trust to design two farms (in two separate workshops). The first was Huxhams Farm which is now becoming a productive farm with an integrated wellbeing service, the second design was Oakbrook Farm in Stroud. 

We designed the Huxhams for real in the workshops whilst sharing the methodology of how to do this. The first weekend we focussed on the pattern of the design and the second weekend we focused on the detail. There was alot of work before during and after the design workshops, surveying, researching, implementing and writing up. 

Both designs are now being implemented. Huxhams in Dartington South Devon, and Oakbrook Farm is next to Hawkwood College in Stroud. 


Working with the Homeless in Colchester

We worked with Colchester museums and the homeless community in Colchester to create a garden that represented their lives, this was on show behind Colchester museum and next to the ancient Castle. We set up a small allotment on a community garden and then invited the "homeless " in to work with us, it turns out the "homeless" and gardens have a lot in common in that they spend a lot of time outside. Those I spoke to often camped out in nature,  spent time walking in the woods and in wild places. We made a garden with them that reflected their sense of humour and graphically showed their outdoor lifestyles. The garden created an outdoor bedsit, with furniture from Erasmus that we planted up with the appropriate plants. The couch grew potatoes, the bed roses, the toilet was full of leeks and peas and the sink was full of marigolds. The gas fire was warmed with chilli plants. Even the Mayor laughed.