Chicken & Egg FAQ

About our Chickens

Our free range chickens are ‘White Leghorns’. We have a small flock of 40 hens, at a low stocking density, feeding on our grass and clover ley, supplemented by organic layers pellets for the first year. We hope to eventually feed our own grain, grown on site. No medicines or antibiotics are used at all, we put some vinegar into the water. The animal welfare standards are of the highest being to "Demeter" standard, we are in "conversion" at this point but they will be fully organic / biodynamic in September 2017. We have chosen the White Leghorn as they are nimble and able to take flight if a fox is around, they are kept in electric fences in mobile houses and will be moved through the orchards as our planting progresses.

The eggs are white and they will be sold fresh, within a week of being laid. We have been pioneering at our Essex farm. They sell out every Saturday by 11 am, people rave about them saying that it is the size of the flock ie small, and the fact that they are grazed on the green pasture that makes them so delicious.


Q. What is biodynamic farming?

A. Founded in 1924, Biodynamic farming is the oldest 'green' farming movement, and forerunner of organics. All biodynamic farmers and growers practice organic methods of cultivation, are against genetic modification (GM), and share its ideals, but there are important differences. Biodynamics has metaphysical and spiritual roots that organics does not, and thus embraces the mystery of all life processes, including the subtle and energetic realities that are not necessarily easy to measure or justify using current scientific methods. Whilst it’s a simple farming system based on natural rhythms and ecological principles, it is not easy to explain in a few words. See here for more information.

Q. How can I order eggs?

A. Our preference is for you to place a weekly or bi-weekly order for eggs and choose a collection hub for delivery. We will then deliver to this hub every Friday, where you can collect the eggs and pay for them by leaving the money at the collection hub. See the website for collection hub details. Order eggs here.

Q. What is the price of the eggs?

A. £2.25 / half dozen. £4.50 / dozen.

Q. How do I pay for eggs?

A. If you are ordering for a weekly or bi-weekly collection, please order by paying for 10 weeks of eggs in advance (£22.50 / half dozen). You can pay by BACS