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These are the veg/fruit bags and other products we have for sale at this time. Over the coming few months our range will be expanding. Thankyou for shopping with us.

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Select your bag/box order size, preferences and delivery frequency.

Picture of Drinks & Water

Refreshing Dartmoor Water Range, and Organic* Cordials, Juices & Sparkling Drinks. Local or Ethically Sourced. *Organic unless otherwise stated.

Picture of Eggs and Dairy

Eggs our from our White Leghorn chickens on the farm. Occasional dairy from carefully selected partners

Picture of Preserves

A range of Jams, Pickles & Chutneys. The current products have been made at our organic farm in Essex. We plan to make new products from Huxhams Cross Farm produce when facilities are available. 

Picture of Turkeys for Christmas

Great Taste Award winning turkeys available to buy, distributed from our partners at The Inkpot Centre in Lincolnshire. The turkeys are a mixture of Norfolk Blacks and Bronzes they are (very) free range and slowly grown. Are they organic though? As good as, they are in the 2nd year of official conversion to organic and the turkeys are fed organic feed.

The turkeys happily grow and munch their way round the young trees at the Inkpot through summer and autumn. At the end of November they are driven to the small and friendly, family run, butchers who do the deed with care and respect for us. They do this journey in the box trailer that they live and roost in and are continually moved in this vehicle on trips around the farm to fresh grazing. so this minimises stress to the birds on their final trip.

How it works... 

Order a turkey from us and pay a £25 deposit. This really helps the farm sustain the turkeys with labour and organic food costs. In early December we will be able to determine the size of your turkey and collect the balance of payment. 

All of the turkeys are frozen. NB they take 2 days to defrost!! They are delivered on the 22nd December, so there is no need to freeze, they can defrost slowly ready for preparation on Christmas eve.

To order: 

Please select the product below and we will be in touch to collect a deposit, or email and we will take it from there. 

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