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These are the veg/fruit bags and other products we have for sale at this time. Our range is always expanding. Thankyou for shopping with us.

Picture of Veg & Fruit Bags

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Picture of Huxhams Homemade

Our amazing team have made all this produce from gluts of foods on the farm. Huxhams Homemade products are handmade in small batches, using biodynamic produce from the farm.

We make our jams, cordials and preserves using organic cider vinegar and 30% less organic raw cane sugar compared to other recipes, allowing the full flavour of the fruit and veg to come through.


You are cordially invited to sample our cordials, relish our relishes, enjoy a sticky situation with our jam and try not to get into a pickle with our pickles. 

Picture of New Products

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Picture of Vegetables

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Picture of Eggs

Eggs our from our White Leghorn chickens on the farm. 

Picture of Fruit

Seasonal fruit including; Organic Apples, Plums, Damsons, Rhubarb and Raspberries grown at Huxhams Cross Farm and Shillingford.

Picture of Herbs

Organic herbs from Huxhams Cross Farm

Picture of Store Cupboard

Fantastic products from Huxhams Cross Farm to add to your store - flour, dried beans, jams and more...

Picture of Venus Hemp

Products from Hemp grown on the dartington estate and processed locally in small batches

Picture of Almond Thief Bakery

A craft bakery based in Dartington, specialising in slow-fermented sourdough hearth loaves.

Picture of Christmas Goodies

Just a little selection of some of our Christmas Goodies but some more to follow.

Picture of Special Offers

From time to time we have gluts of produce, which we offer our customers at a lower price.