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The Apricot Centre is doing everything it can to help deliver local fresh food to the community. We have however now hit the capacity for what we can deliver and therefore will not be able to accept new orders for the time being. We still have a limited number of places available for the following groups:
 - self-isolating WITH symptoms
 - self-isolating due to underlying health problems
 - over 70's who have difficulties accessing shopping
 - key workers (as defined in the government guidelines)

If you fall into one of these groups, you are welcome to create an account and order. Following that please email and let me know so that I can try and put your order as a priority (and I will try to let your order go through) until we have reached our ultimate maximum capacity.

For others, we wil have a waiting list for new orders, so we would encourage you to create an account and order the items that you would like. We will then put these orders on hold and then let you know. We will then reinstate these orders on a first come first served basis as availability arises, and we will inform you that we are ready to deliver to you. We are working to try and increase our capacity but we need to hold out at the current number for the weeks commencing 23rd March and 30th March.

Thank you for your support and understanding

Warmest Wishes, 

The Apricot Centre Team

Venus Hemp

Venus Hemp

Products from Hemp grown on the dartington estate and processed locally in small batches

Huxhams Cross, Venus Hemp local and organic
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Hemp Protein Powder
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We make our protein powder from our own UK grown, complete (not hulled)
cold pressed hemp seed. This gives maximum obtainable raw protein which has
not been refined and still has a good fibre content. Hemp is a complete, high quality vegan protein powder that packs antioxidants,
minerals, fibre and heart healthy unsaturated fats. It has a delicious earthy,
nutty taste and is added to smoothies, soups, foods to boost protein intake.

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Hemp Seed Oil
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Venus Hemp's Hemp oil is freshly cold pressed from their own hemp crop grown on Dartington Estate, Devon. The oil is pressed in small batches with the greatest of care and protected from oxidization by sunlight.  Hemp seed oil has a delicate nutty flavour and is delicious drizzled over salad or
in soups, stews, dips and marinades.

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Hemp seeds
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Hemp is considered one of the worlds most nutritious plants. The seeds contain all 20 essential amino acids, including arginine and glutamic acid, making them an ideal complete source of unrefined protein. They are
exceptionally rich in healthy fats and essential fatty acids, especially
linoleic acid (omega-6) and alpha-linolenic acid (omega-3). Hemp seeds are a great source of soluble and insoluble dietary fibre and are also rich in vitamins E and B, calcium, magnesium, iron and zinc.

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